Fan Leaves Arshi Khan Baffled As He Kisses Her Hand Without Permission

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Model-actress Arshi Khan, who was last seen in the popular yet controversial reality show Bigg Boss, didn't know that a trip to the airport was going to leave her stunned. She reportedly became the second most searched celebrity on Google in 2017, when she first appeared on the reality show. The much-loved reality show star was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport, dressed in a black salwar kameez with her hair covered, keeping in mind the holy season of Ramzan. Arshi was having a candid chat with the media and happily posing for selfies with her fans. Things took a surprising turn when after taking a selfie, one of her fans quickly took her hand and kissed it without consent.

The gesture undoubtedly left the star baffled, who moved away from the fan and responded by saying, "Arrey bhaiyya!" Meanwhile, the reporters who witnessed this entire scenario asked her about the incident but she was rendered speechless. She asked them all to move and finally made her way out of the crowd.

Arshi's followers commented that this is the reason why stars avoid interacting with their fans when they approach them. The comment read,"When celebrities push…I see comments saying…Why such rude behaviour… This is what happens when you let go off your guard." While some also said that what the fan did was a health hazard keeping in mind the present situation of COVID-19.

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