Famine-like situation may arise in Pakistan due to scarcity of water, warn experts

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Islamabad [Pakistan], July 5 (ANI): Experts have warned that famine-like situation may arise in Pakistan due to the scarcity of water across the country if the issue is not resolved timely, Geo News reported on Sunday.

As per the report, water scarcity in the country has set alarm bells ringing after rivers have dried up due to low rainfall.

Citing the sources, Geo News reported that the per capita availability of water in the country is 1,100 million cubic metres per annum -- which is dangerously low -- while in Punjab one has to go to a depth of 600 feet to draw groundwater. In the past, one had to go to a depth of 50 feet only.

The report further said that each year, the Kharif and Rabi crops face up to 45 per cent water shortage while the groundwater level in small and big cities across Punjab, including Lahore, has started falling.

Water experts warn that if new water reservoirs are not created and water wastage is not stopped, Pakistan will face a famine-like situation, Geo News reported.

According to water experts, due to increasing population, water loss and climate change, the authorities will have to take immediate precautions, otherwise, famine will be inevitable.

Meanwhile, the President of Pakistan Engineering Congress Amjad Saeed said that the water problem may become more serious in the coming days.

Earlier, in the month of March, according to a Washington-based magazine, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has placed Pakistan at the third position in the list of countries facing acute water scarcity. (ANI)

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