‘If there was family man on PM seat, he would’ve taken care’: Delhiite on fuel price hike

New Delhi, May 14 (ANI): Fuel prices have increased in the national capital on May 14. The price of petrol and diesel in Delhi are at Rs 92.34 per litre and Rs 82.95 respectively. A commuter said, “Increase in fuel prices takes a toll on pocket of a middle-class man. I feel if there was a family man on the Prime Minister seat, then he would have think like a family person and would have helped us. At this moment, he’s not thinking about the families at all which is wrong. When there was Congress at the Centre, he used to say Rs 65/litres petrol is costly and now when it is nearly Rs 100, no one is coming forward and saying anything.” Other one said, “Day by day, they are increasing fuel price. We are getting really upset because of it. I am poor man how I can survive this. Our government is not looking at it at all.”