'The Family Man 3' being planned? Manoj Bajpayee shares update

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07 Jun 2021: 'The Family Man 3' being planned? Manoj Bajpayee shares update

Last month, it was reported that The Family Man 3 is being planned, and its makers have even finalized the story thread for the same. But its lead actor, Manoj Bajpayee aka Srikant Tiwari, shared that he has no knowledge about this development. "What all Season 3 will have, I myself don't know. I'm waiting for the script to come to me," he said.

New season: 'A lot of work goes into making a season'

The second season of the show, which has Bajpayee playing a secret agent, dropped last Friday, and fans are already demanding a Season 3. But, they probably have to wait. "There's a lot of work that goes into making a season. I'll be very happy if Amazon, Raj-DK decide to do a Season 3, but before that writing has to be complete," he said.

Fact: Bajpayee implied that Season 3 needs to be more promising

"All the formalities need to be finished. I'm ecstatic that people have started demanding Season 3. Season 1 was considered classic and cult in its own way and it created a franchise," Bajpayee added, implying that Season 3 needs to up the game further.

Co-actors: The 'Shool' star highlights his equation with Talpade actor

Apart from this, in the interview, Bajpayee also touched upon his equation with Sharib Hashmi, who plays JK Talpade, an analyst in a fictional intelligence agency of the country. Their bromance is widely-appreciated. Speaking on this, the Shool actor said, "Sharib's success with this new season truly touches my soul. I want him to do very well. His success is like my success."

Fact: 'Samantha contributes so much to the show'

Samantha Akkineni, who by common consensus, was one the season's highlights, clean bowled Bajpayee as well. About her, he said, "Samantha is such a huge star. She doesn't need anybody to validate her work but she comes in and contributes so much to the show."

Makers: 'These guys are pure geniuses': Bajpayee on the makers

He then veered his observations on the show creators, Raj and DK. "After (Season 1), they are regarded as one of the best minds in the industry. Suparn Verma, who joined the directors and writers, is a close friend of mine. He has got his due with the second season. I must congratulate writers Suman and Manoj. These guys are pure geniuses," he gushes.

Information: 'There is a Family Man group on WhatsApp'

After working with each other so closely, The Family Man cast members have become one big family, and they remain in touch "constantly." "There is a Family Man group on WhatsApp. I don't go there quite often as I really can't type. But this is the way it is. This is the atmosphere not only on set, but also (off camera)," he shared.

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