Family Fortunes contestant stuns viewers with NSFW answer

Louis Chilton
·2-min read

A contestant stunned viewers on a recent episode of the ITV quiz series Family Fortunes by providing a foul-mouthed answer to a question.

Yesterday’s (25 October) episode of the show saw the Popat and Wilson families compete to be crowned the week’s winner.

In the show’s format, contestants are given a broad definition, and then asked to name the most popular examples of nouns that meet that definition.

For one question, two contestants were asked to name “something you put in your mouth but don't swallow”, prompting a salacious response from Kash Popat.

In fact, Popat’s answer was so bawdy as to be censored entirely by the series’ producers, though the raucous laughter from the studio audience and host Gino D’Acampo left little to the imagination.

“What did she say? Actually, I don’t want to know,” wrote one viewer on social media.

“If she said what I think she said, then how could you say that in front of your family?! Some people have no shame.”

While most reactions simply seemed to see the funny side of the response, others suggested that the joke was inappropriate for a daytime TV programme.

“Does she realise that this is actually a proper family programme?” asked one viewer.