Family colour entire house in rainbow chalk to cheer up neighbours during coronavirus lockdown

A family have painted their house with rainbow coloured chalk to give their neighbours a lift during coronavirus lockdown. (SWNS)

A family spent six hours colouring in every brick of their home with chalk to create a “rainbow house” to cheer up their neighbours during lockdown.

In these unsettling coronavirus-laden times, many of are looking for something to lift our spirits.

Some have taken to putting back up their Christmas decorations, others are building tropical-themed bars in their gardens to emulate happy holidays, and one family decided to colour the entire front of their house in rainbow hues.

While children have been putting up pictures of rainbows in their windows to show their support for key workers, the Taylor family decided to take things a stage further, using 40 jumbo chalks to decorate the front of their red-brick terraced house in Wellington, Somerset.

It took the family six hours to achieve the rainbow-hue effect.

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Mum Fern and the girls started the project but her partner Mario finished it off. (SWNS)

Mum Fern, 26, who sells children's hair accessories, said: “The amount of people who have stopped and smiled, or asked to take photos, has really cheered [us] up. It's so sweet.

“People have slowed down while driving past. We even had an ambulance stop and say they loved it.”

Along with her daughters Arabella, four, and Matilda, two, Fern kicked off the project at the bottom of the house, with her Royal Marine partner Marco DeFazio, 28, finishing the mission on a ladder. 

“We took inspiration from another post we saw on Facebook where they had done half the house, and originally that’s what I was going to do,” Fern explains.

“But my partner said we couldn’t stop there and got the ladder out and said he’d do the rest.”

Matilda and Arabella don rainbow dresses to match their rainbow house. (SWNS)

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While Matilda is a little too young to understand what is happening, she did love being able to colour in the bricks.

“The girls really enjoyed it. Matilda is two and didn’t quite understand but she did help a bit. 

“Arabella was a keen helper. She helped for a good half an hour and then they sat and played and watched Mummy and Daddy finish.”