Family build their own tiki bar in the garden after the coronavirus lockdown ruined their holiday plans

A man built a Tiki bar in his garden to help him survive the boredom of lockdown. (SWNS)


A self-isolating family have built their very own tiki bar in the garden after the coronavirus lockdown ruined their holiday plans.

As many families will testify the isolation boredom is oh... so... real, but one family decided they would make their own entertainment by building a tropical themed bar in the back garden of their home.

James Herriot, 32, his fiancee Veronica Sullivan, 34, and her son Josh, 15, usually jet off to Majorca, Spain, at this time of year, but the COVID-19 pandemic ruined their plans.

So they decided to bring a bit of holiday fun home by building their own bar in their garden in Kelso, in the Scottish Borders.

The family made use of old wooden pallets and bamboo fencing to craft their bar, which they placed beside their hot tub in a bid to emulate a relaxing ‘holiday’ setting.

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Josh put his woodwork skills to good use making the tiki bar. (SWNS)

James, who works as a bus driver, said the family often see similar kinds of beach-style bars on holiday so thought the would have a go at making their own.

“We have the hot tub in the garden so we wanted our garden to be like a holiday space while we’re in isolation,” he explains.

“I’ve been off work so have been quite bored.

“It was just some pallets we had lying about the garden and thought we’d go about building something."

Having built the bar at the end of March, prior to James’ birthday on 1 April, the family are now hoping to add spirit optics and bar mats to enhance the pub-like feel.

As Josh is off school during the coronavirus outbreak, the project has also provided him with an educational insight into woodwork.

“He really enjoyed it and it got him out the house as well,” James explains.

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James and Josh are proud of their lockdown bar. (SWNS)

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With James’ partner, Veronica providing the interior inspiration, the entire build took less than a weekend to come together.

And “all the materials were free”, James added.

“We’ve got some spirits and juices out but we’ll add some optics and bar mats once we can get out to the shops.”

The family hope their new bar might sweeten the loss of their twice-yearly trips to sunny Majorca.

“We go in the spring, so have already missed a chance, and then in October.

“We’ve cancelled both our holidays this year, unfortunately, until all of this is done.”

Cheers guys!

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