Families receive bodies of Nepali migrant workers from Malaysia

Dealing with death, particularly the demise of someone you love, is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. And that happened in Nepal, when the families of Nepali migrant workers received the bodies of their loved ones who died during the COVID pandemic period. NakulB, who lost his younger brother DhanBahadur BK in Malaysia in due course of work, reached along with his widowed- Sister-in-law to take the body back to their hometown for cremation. DhanBahadur BK was a bread earner who lost his life in foreign soil and returned back to homeland after a wait of nearly 3 months. Bodies of 19 Nepali migrant workers who lost their lives in various incidents and causes were flown back to Nepal on Saturday through a Nepal Airlines flight originating from Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. There are 37 more bodies of Nepali workers who lost their lives in due course of work.