Before You Fall For Instagram’s New ‘Type a Question’ Sticker...

Instagram is a psychological blockbuster. I sit still, head bowed, hands clasped before this gargantuan agony aunt. What a smart player, yes?

Instagram has just rolled out the Questions sticker and you won't, in a hundred years, TRULY believe what it is trying to tell you. You are...

Important enough,

Significant enough,

Valuable enough...

To be asked a question.



Since you won't, EVER, truly believe all of the above, you are a valuable consumer.

Your uncertainties are a part of Instagram's treasure trove now. And it will keep mining them for flashier features. So good friend, God help Instagram if you start believing in all of the above one chirpy day, switch off your phone and take a refreshing walk down the road!

You, monsieur, and you too, mademoiselle, are INTERESTING enough for seven-eight stories in a row.

Feels good, right?

You matter. Your opinions matter.

Feels better? Almost like a spa-massage after a long day at work?

Imagine heading back home after a sludgy day, bearing life's burden with a weightless menace, shoulders slumped with existential numbness, only to be told, by the mirror on your, social media...

You are not invisible. You are goddamn interesting, champ!

You know how they playfully ask Siri to look for the “nearest me’’? Well, Instagram has latched on to a similar school of thought with a vice-like grip. So, whip it all out, validate your non-anonymous brethren...

“Why so pretty?”

“Date pe chalega?”

“Remember me?”

“Favourite memory of me?”

“Tea or coffee?”

“TV or books?”

“Saw you at the movies. Wanna hang?’’

And they will share it with the rest of us, almost like a charm, a crucial piece of puzzle you might have been looking for.

Don't get me wrong. I am not ridiculing any of this. I am a part of the club. All I am telling you is...

Instagram is our new shrink.

Let's just hope the end effect is psychologically healthy!

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