A Fall from Grace: Netflix viewers mock hilarious blunders in new Tyler Perry movie

Adam White
Oops: Tyler Perry in his new movie A Fall from Grace: Netflix

Viewers have accused filmmaker Tyler Perry of “trolling” them after spotting a number of hilarious blunders in his new movie A Fall from Grace.

The Netflix thriller stars Crystal Fox as a woman named Grace who is awaiting trial for beating her husband to death. But as the story unfolds in flashback, Grace’s lawyer unravels the truth.

The combination of cheap sets, bad wigs and melodrama have long been a standard for Tyler, who found fame playing the gun-toting church lady Madea in a number of stage plays and feature films. But viewers have been floored by the amount of blunders in A Fall from Grace.

Among the most notable is a scene in which a character receives a text message, but their phone quite clearly shows a screenshot of a notification.

Viewers also spotted a background extra sat in a diner and pretending to eat food from his plate, and drinking from an empty glass.

A scene in which Grace is sat in an interrogation room also features a wig that dramatically changes in size, becoming significantly bigger in a split second.

“Tyler Perry is trolling us,” one viewer tweeted. Another added that the film was “a s*** pie sprayed with dog pee”.

Earlier this month, Perry boasted that the film took just five days to film, with production taking place days before Christmas 2019.

“While it takes people in Hollywood seven days to shoot one episode of a primetime drama, we shoot two in six to seven days,” Perry told the Hollywood Reporter. “I just have a crew that does the impossible every day. They work closely with me, and we pull it all off, so it’s really amazing.”

Actor Mathew Law, who stars in the film, added: “The stereotype is that using a black built production is slow – that it’s secondary, that it’s subpar. And so to see this world-class production… [and] to be a part of it, it’s so rewarding.”

A Fall from Grace, which also stars Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad, is Perry’s first collaboration with Netflix.

Netflix this week claimed that 83m households had watched their Ryan Reynolds thriller 6 Underground since its release, though some have questioned the metrics behind the claim.

Viewing figures for A Fall from Grace have yet to be revealed.

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