Fall in Daily Covid-19 Cases By Over 50% in Five States; Delhi, UP See Highest Drop

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Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Goa have reported more than 50 percent drop in daily Covid-19 cases over the week, with Delhi and Uttar Pradesh witnessing highest decrease, official data from the respective states suggest.

On the contrary, from May 13 to May 19, the daily cases in Meghalaya, Lakshadweep, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura reported over 30 percent rise, the state government data analysed by News18 suggests.

In addition, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Ladakh, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Manipur and Odisha have also witnessed a jump in daily cases over the week.

Among the 31 states and union territories analysed, a total of 20 states/UTs have reported a drop in daily cases. The drop in eight states/UTs was less than 30 percent, while for the remaining 12 it was more than 30 percent.

In Delhi, the daily cases have come down by 71.05 percent — from 13,287 (May 13) to 3,846 (May 19). The national capital is followed by Uttar Pradesh, where the drop is of 60.12 percent — from 18,023 cases in a day to 7,186 infections.

Jharkhand, Gujarat and Goa have also reported more than 50 percent drop in the cases over the week.

For Jharkhand, the daily cases have come down to 1,894 (May 19) from 4,362 (May 13) –56.57 percent drop. Similarly, for Gujarat the daily numbers are down to 5,246 from 11,017.

Goa reported 1,209 cases on May 19, while on May 13, the state reported 2,491 infections in a day.

For Haryana, the drop in daily cases was of 45.41 percent, while for Chhattisgarh it was 44.03 percent, official data says.

Similarly, the daily cases in Madhya Pradesh reported 43.5 percent drop – from 8,970 to 5,065.

11 states/UTs reported rise in cases over the week

Uttarakhand (42.03 percent), Rajasthan (39.88 percent), Bihar (38.56 percent), Nagaland (33.33 percent) and Maharashtra (27.25 percent) have also witnessed a drop in daily cases over the week.

For Kerala (24.73 percent) and Punjab (23.8 percent) the drop in daily cases was over 20 percent, while for Telangana (18.75 percent) and Karnataka (14.29 percent) it was less than 20 percent.

The drop has been less than 10 percent for Puducherry (9.42 percent), Jammu and Kashmir (8.88 percent) and West Bengal (6.72 percent).

On the contrary, 11 states/union territories have reported a rise in cases over the week. The daily cases in Meghalaya have gone up by 47.54 percent – from 591 cases reported on May 13 to 872 recorded on May 19.

Between May 13 and 19, the state reported 4,759 cases. In the previous week, between May 6 and 12, this number was 2,702. In the first week of May, the northeast state reported 1,853 cases, official data shows.

Lakshadweep (31.6 percent), Arunachal Pradesh (31.64 percent), Tripura (30.43 percent) and Ladakh (22.93 percent) have reported a rise in cases over the week, along with Sikkim (15.15 percent) and Tamil Nadu (14.89 percent).

The other states witnessing a rise in numbers are: Assam (8.59 percent), Andhra Pradesh (7.96 percent), Manipur (3.92 percent) and Odisha (1.06 percent).

Overall, the daily cases in India have dropped by 23.87 percent over the week. India reported 3.62 lakh coronavirus infections on May 13. It has dropped to 2.76 lakh on May 20.

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