#FakeNews: Who is this stunning woman sitting next to PM Modi?

A photo of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, sitting next to a pretty woman in an airplane is going viral on social media. Some people are even taking digs at the PM, hinting that the beautiful woman is the ‘real reason’ why Modi makes so many foreign trips.

Narendra Modi (Photoshopped image)

However, the truth is far from these rumours. This image is actually a photoshopped one. Modi is indeed sitting next to a woman in the original photograph. But that woman is Gurdeep Kaur Chawla, who is a reputed language interpreter. Gurdeep accompanies Modi on foreign trips and helps him to convey his messages to foreign dignitaries and also interprets their messages for the PM.

Real image (left) vs Photoshopped image (right)

In the photoshopped image, Gurdeep has been cropped out and replaced by a girl wearing a revealing dress. The identity of the girl who has been photoshopped in place of Gurdeep is not known, but it is likely that the image is a generic one from the thousands of such photos that exist on the Internet.

Gurdeep Kaur Chawla

So, the next time you see something as bizarre and unique as this – don’t fall for it. It may just be a typical example of fake news.