#FakeNews: Did American kid praise Modi in front of Trump?

A video has gone viral on various social media platforms in which the President of the United States (US) Donald Trump is seen asking an American child, “Who do you like the most?” The kid seems to be answering innocently, “Modi”. After which the audience breaks into a round of applause and Trump posts a peck on the child’s cheek.

Donald Trump with a kid

This video is being shared vigorously by a group of people underlining Modi’s global popularity across all sections and age-groups.

But even prima facie, the content of the video raises doubt. The video bears the watermark of ‘MadLipz’ which is a popular audio dubbing application.

After thoroughly scouring the Internet, it is found that the original video is from October 2016 when Trump was running the election campaign, being the Repulican nominee, for the presidentship of the US. Moreover, the audio of the video has been tampered with.

In the original one, Trump is asking the kid whether he wants to go back to his parents or stay with him? To which, he replies, “Trump.”

As the 2019 polls in India are inching near, supporters of all political parties are deploying means and methods, not always fair, to aggrandize their leaders and undermine their opponents. Amidst this hoopla, the truth at times becomes a casualty.