Fake narratives being peddled to incite Sikhs in UK - Canada, says army veteran

Lies and fake narratives are being peddled amongst Sikh diaspora of the United Kingdom and Canada to incite Sikhs against India by the Khalistani extremists, an army veteran has asserted. Brigadier (Retd.) D.S. Dhillon said that Indian Sikhs, who have been living there for past many years and have little idea of the ground situation in India, are consistently being fed with anti-India propaganda. He accused Pakistan of constantly hatching plots to malign India. The Khalistani extremists, with the man and material support of Pakistan, have been using social media platforms to spew anti-India venom. In fact some of their accounts are running within the coordinates of Pakistan. A number of accounts with "Referendum 2020" and Khalistan flag as their display picture on Facebook and Twitter are actively maligning India. Falsehoods and distortions of news are their forte. They have also been inviting youths in different parts of UK and Canada to demonstrate against India. However, to their discontentment they have failed to resonate amongst them. These accounts have suffered further failure in India where they are not taken seriously by a bunch of Indians. Dhillon also cautioned the Canadian government of the extremists it was nurturing. Referring to the Kanishka bombing he said these people will be dangerous to its own security. Even Indian government had lodged protest against Canadian establishment for fraternizing with the people who spoke against Indian interest.