Fake Communal Tweet Shared in the Name of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan

After Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) landslide victory in the Delhi elections, a “tweet” of party’s Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan has been doing the rounds in the internet.

The content of the message reads, “आज शाहीन बाग जीता, आज हमारा इस्लाम जीता है इंसा अल्लाह, जल्दी ही पूरे इंडिया में इस्लाम की जीत होगी | मेरे सभी मुस्लिम भाई बहनों का सुक्रिया, सबने मिल कर अपनी ताकत दिखाई एकता बनाएं रखना, हम इतिहास जरूर दोहराएंगे

[Translation: Today Shaheen Bagh has won, our Islam has won, soon Islam will win across India. I thank my Muslim brothers for showing their strength. Stay united and we will make sure that the history repeats itself.]

Screenshot of a message received by The Quint on its WhatsApp helpline number. 

The Quint received this message on its WhatsApp number for verification.

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We went through Khan’s Twitter timeline to see if he had tweeted anything to the affect of what was claimed in the message. We came across a tweet by him which was posted on 11 February (counting day) at 12:08 pm.

In this tweet Khan spoken about the margin with which he was leading.

13 राउंड पूरे होने के बाद 72000 वोट से आगे चल रहा हूँ। (After the completion of 13 rounds, I am leading with a margin of 72,000 votes),” Khan tweeted.

This tweet had no mention of winning from Shaheen Bagh (which does fall under Okhla Assembly seat) or Islam winning across India.

Further, if one notices closely, the viral tweet has lines written in different font sizes.

We tried changing the font style and size of a tweet but no option on Twitter allows an individual to change the size in the same tweet. Clearly, the text has been added to Khan’s original tweet to imply that he made a communal remark soon after his victory.

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