Fake Bleed & Confirm Your Virginity for Just Rs 3100!

Hey ladies, congratulations! There’s a product out there that will make you fake bleed on your wedding night so that you can trick that stud, who may have been in multiple relationships until he found you - his pure, virgin bride - and prove your virginity.

After face brightening and vagina lightening/tightening creams, there’s a new innovation in the market that will make women more “desirable” and it’s called i-virgin: blood for the first night. Seriously?! It’s 2019 and I can’t believe a product like this exists.

A painless alternative for Hymenoplasty? 

We tried hard to search for this product on Amazon India, but couldn’t find it when we clicked on the link that we had found online. Instead, this is what we got.

We didn’t get what we were looking for. 

Guess, they realised that as a online shopping brand used by so many, they shouldn’t be selling products like these on their website?

... or did they?

Don’t get dirty. Sex before marriage? Ram Ram!! 

Similar products from other sellers are still available on their website. This particular product though is unavailable. Does this mean that there’s a demand for it? I don’t know what’s more disturbing - the fact that something like this is available in the market or that people are actually buying such stuff?

It’s a bit unfair to attack Amazon though and we aren’t really trying to do that here. Products like this one are available across websites and scrolling through many such pages, we found the genius behind the idea of “fake blood” - Virginia Care.

If you have the time, please do visit their official website and read more about how they can give women an artificial hymen and make her pristine... again!

*Slow Clap*

We also came across this masterpiece from 2012 and it’s a quite an entertaining watch.

When this ad released, the makers tried to sell this as a product that would “empower” women. Don’t believe us? Read the YouTube description that says, “A remarkable product to empower the new age women.”

Please do watch till the end, and don’t forget to notice the daadi in the video. I’m sure it’s the same daadi that doesn’t let her bahu and granddaughter enter the kitchen when they are menstruating (because that’s dirty), but asks them to use products to tighten their vaginas and keep their husbands happy and satisfied.

I just googled to check if this product is still available and yes, it is. So, go ahead women tighten your vagina, get that hymen back kyunki India mein shaadi ke liye toh kuch bhi karega.

On a side note, will the society just stop judging a woman who has pre-marital sex now? Because ta da this product can make your man believe that you’re still a virgin. What an idea, sirji!

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