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Acting on the basis of a complaint made by the company management, the Chennai Police on 12th January 2021 arrested 13 sellers who have been selling fake asafoetida (or hing)under the label of popular 126 year old asafoetida brand, “L.G.” MGR Nagar police seized 113 kg of asafoetida in containers with fake labels. Chromepet Police arrested 2 men involved recovered 100kg of fake goods from him. Tambaram, Kannagi Nagar, and Sankar Nagar police arrested 11 more persons for the offence. FIRs have been filed against owners and dealers of duplicate products.

As per Industry estimates, counterfeiting causes a loss of Rs 1 lakh crore to the Indian economy. Most popular brands face a similar challenge.

The management at L.G. state their concerns over consumption of fake goods made with inferior quality ingredients.

For ensuring their credibility and welfare of consumers, alongside legal measures, L.G. has introduced labels with QR technology that are applied on the packaging.

Scanning this allows consumers to verify the authenticity of the product prior to purchasing it.

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