If Fairness Creams Are Racist, So’s Hair Colour: WTF, Uday Chopra?

Fairness creams (and their utterly horrible promotion of the ‘superiority’ of fair skin in their ads) are the current hot topic on social media.

And after Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor raked up the age-old volatile debate on the subject last week, Uday Chopra has now waded into the controversy.

Problem is, his tweet on fairness creams made no sense to us: "If fairness creams are racist then so is hair colour." WHAT?

'A self-esteem issue'. Now, Is It?

Mr Uday Chopra, can you please define ‘racism’?

And then Uday Chopra replies with this!

*face palm* (GIF courtesy: Giphy.com)

Thank you for saying that! We hope Chopra gets it.

And when 266 replies on Twitter failed to convince him, Uday posted the same statement on Facebook too, where a young man had a fitting reply for him.

Guess Uday Chopra definitely paid zero heed to what Abhay Deol said.