Faf du Plessis speaks on South Africa's World Cup chances

Ayush Gupta

Faf du Plessis speaks on South Africa

20 May 2019: Faf du Plessis speaks on South Africa's World Cup chances

South Africa are one of the top nations to have never won the ICC World Cup.

Having an unfortunate history of losing crucial matches, the Proteas would aim to shed the tag of chokers in this upcoming edition.

Meanwhile, skipper Faf du Plessis has revealed their plans as he feels that the side should overcome the fear of failure.

Here's what the skipper said.

Superman things: Faf feels trying to do 'Superman things' cost them

Faf du Plessis said that South Africa's urge to do something out of the box and their determination to be special have cost them in the previous World Cups.

"We thought we had to be more special, we had to do something more than we usually do, and we did not do what was good enough before," he said to ICC.

Fact: We want to just focus on enjoying our cricket: Faf

"We haven't always got that right in the past, to play our best cricket at the World Cup, because we put so much pressure on ourselves. We want to just focus on enjoying our cricket," he further added.

Mentally Fit: Faf stresses on being mentally prepared

Faf du Plessis also felt that being mentally fit for the World Cup is important, as it plays a huge role in the team's success in the tournament.

"There is a reason why we want the guys to play freely- because we don't want them to have a fear of failure, which is what the World Cup is for some of them," he asserted.

Strength play: He backs players to play as per their strengths

He further asserted the fact that their success in England would depend on the manner in which they play.

Moreover, he also warned that every player has to be at their best to stand a chance to script history this term.

He also claimed that the players should rather play to their strengths and not ponder much on their weaknesses.

Author's take: Playing fearless cricket can help Proteas avoid choking again

Considering South Africa's record in the past 10 ODI series, they have won seven of them, while out of three losses, only one has come at home.

However, Proteas are known to be in a brutal form prior to and during the World Cup, only to choke during knockouts.

The author feels that they need to play fearless cricket to achieve World Cup success.