Fadnavis’s bangle jibe leads to Sena, BJP war of words

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Targeting Fadnavis on Twitter, Aaditya said bangles are worn by strong women. (Deepak Joshi)

A war of words broke out between former allies Wednesday with tourism minister Aaditya Thackeray slamming former chief minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis over the latter’s remark about the Shiv Sena “wearing bangles”.

The controversy erupted after Fadnavis, while addressing a protest rally in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan Tuesday, questioned the Sena’s silence over a communal remark made by AIMIM leader Waris Pathan. “The Sena might have worn bangles. Our women do not like the usage of this phrase, so I will not say this here,” he said.

Targeting Fadnavis on Twitter, Aaditya said bangles are worn by strong women. “Shri @Dev_Fadnavis ji, normally I choose not to comment back. Kindly apologise about the bangles comment: bangles are worn by the strongest of all- the women. Politics can go on, but we need to change this discourse. Rather disgraceful coming from a former CM,”
Aaditya tweeted. Talking to reporters outside the Assembly, Aaditya again said that Fadnavis should apologise.

Coming to Fadnavis’s defense, wife Amruta put out a retaliatory tweet against Aaditya claiming that he would not understand a pun. “A cocooned worm will never understand the ‘Pun’ of life! It’s meant to thrive on the glory of the silken life woven for its comfort by its ancestors @AUThackeray ! Proud of ur struggles @Dev_Fadnavis & each and every hardworking member of @BJP4Maharashtra !” she said.

Yuva Sena secretary Varun Sardesai hit back asking whether Amruta was referring to Fadnavis. “A worm in regards to what? Being a young politician or being a dynast? Because the last time I checked, @Dev_Fadnavis was both a dynast and a young politician (youngest mayor, I guess) Did you just call your husband a worm?” he asked.