Fact Check: Is This Viral Video of Crocodile in Flooded Streets Really From Patna?


Incessant heavy rain has left several parts of Bihar flooded, with day to day life coming to a complete stand still in the flood affected areas. Social media has been abuzz with videos and visuals which assert the brevity of the situation in the state.

A video that has been widely circulated on social media shows a bunch a people trying to tackle a crocodile which has made its way into a residential colony. According to the people sharing the video, the incident happened in Patna. Some tweets and Facebook posts also mentioned that the video was taken in Rajendra Nagar in Patna, which remained flooded in chest deep water till Tuesday.

However, a reverse search of the same visuals revealed that the video is not from Patna, but from the Vadodara floods which wreaked havoc in Gujarat earlier this year. According to reports, this video dates back to August 3 and 4, 2019 when a ten foot crocodile was rescued by the NRDF in the Vadsar region in Vadodara.

Moreover, we came across several visuals of the same incident which had been posted by ANI and Connect Gujarat, further confirming that the video is indeed from Gujarat and not Patna.

Furthermore, a longer version of the video had also been shared by Desh Gujarat on YouTube on August 31.

As they say, don't believe everything that's on the internet. At least 29 people have died owing to floods in Patna; spreading fake or unverified news could only further augment the chaos that has taken Bihar by storm.