Fact Check: No, Rahul Gandhi did not dine with Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan, nor did Narendra Modi

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Yet another example of social media dispensing false information came to light recently after a photoshopped picture of Congress president Rahul Gandhi sharing a meal with Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan was circulated online.

The image was shared widely on handles which regularly host content favourable to the BJP. Several such tweets were put out from handles which had BJP's signature 'chowkidar' as prefix:

The Hindi language caption translates to English as: "Who is this eating chicken biryani beside Miya Imran? Now the people will judge."

Agence France Presse revealed that the image was a photoshopped version of an older image from when Imran was married to his now-estranged wife Reham Khan. A reverse google search of the image revealed that the image was from the Ramzan of 2015.

Similarly, a news search results for strings, 'Rahul Gandhi visits Pakistan', 'Rahul Gandhi + Imran Khan', and 'Rahul Gandhi meets Imran Khan' did not return any relevant links, which is highly unlikely because such a high-level meeting would have been widely reported in the media, both in India and in Pakistan.

However, what was interesting was that the same image of Imran had earlier been photoshopped to show Modi wearing a skull cap and dining with the Pakistani prime minister.

modi fake news

This post is no longer available but a cached version could still be pulled up on google.


The photo of Modi in the misleading posts was doctored from this photo published by The Indian Express newspaper on 13 November, 2013.

Below is a screenshot of the image:

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