Fact check: No, 'Modi Mosque' in Bengaluru not named after PM Modi

Madhuri Adnal

Bengaluru, June 23: Social media is all flooded with claims that a new mosque has been inaugurated in Bengaluru and named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A fact-check, however, has revealed that the mosque has not been named after the Indian PM Narendra Modi. Instead, it is named after 19th century Muslim merchant Modi Abdul Ghafoor, who funded three mosques in Bengaluru during his lifetime.

The mosque, which social media users erroneously referred to as one named after PM Modi, is located in Tasker Town in eastern part of the city. It was not inaugurated recently, but only renovated as the primary structure dates back to 1849.

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Apart from this mosque at Tasker Town, there are two more mosques are in Bengaluru known as Modi Masjid and are located around Tannery Road.

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