Fact Check: Hand Sanitisers Do Not Cause Skin Diseases or Cancers, PIB Clarifies

New Delhi: Continuous use of hand sanitiser does not cause skin diseases, PIB clarified in a tweet on Tuesday.

The clarification came after a 'newspaper clipping' claiming that continuous use of sanitiser for 50-60 days can cause skin diseases and even cancer.

“This information is false. Use of hand sanitizers does not harm humans. Hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol content are recommended for protection against #COVID,” the PIB said in a tweet.

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, keeping the hands clean, using soap or hand sanitser, has been one of the first defences against the infection. Even the Airports Authority of India (AAI) directed the passengers to carry a 350 ml bottle of sanitiser all the time after the flight services were resumed from May 25.