Fact check: Does thrombosis lead to COVID-19 death

Briti Roy Barman

New Delhi, May 23: A misleading message that claims that thrombosis or blood clots in blood vessels is the leading cause of COVID-19 deaths has been viral.

The message claims that the virus has been wrongly diagnosed and Italian doctors have come with the correct diagnosis.

It also says that ventilators will not be necessary for treatment for coronavirus.

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The WhatsApp forward says that thrombosis and not pneumonia is the major cause of COVID-19 deaths.

These claims are false and misleading.

Study says, thrombosis can be a significant cause of COVID-19 deaths but is not the leading cause. Respiratory failure is proven to be the leading cause of COVID-19 deaths so far.

The study further says that patients with higher levels of blood clotting activity are more likely to require ICU admission.

As fake and false claims related to coronavirus can lead to major complications it is advisable to stick to the recommendations of health practitioners.

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