Fact Check: Did Korean Netflix Series 'My Secret Terrius' Predict COVID-19 Pandemic Back in 2018? Here's The Truth!

Team Latestly

Coronavirus outbreak has affected the entire world hugely. The lockdowns in the cities have forced people to self-quarantine, for their own safety. With home quarantine comes the newly started 'Quarantine and chill' trend where people are binge watching films/series on various digital platforms. One such Netflix series called 'My Secret Terrius' (2018) has blown everyone's minds but for a rather wrong reason. The Korean drama has an episode that claims that coronavirus is man made. Netizens made this video viral, saying that this series predicted coronavirus outbreak way before. However, that's not the case in reality. Here's a quick fact check. Did Prince Charles Contract Coronavirus from Kanika Kapoor During Her UK Visit? Here's The Fact Check Of The Viral Pictures.

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In the video, we see a doctor claiming that the virus is man made and that 'someone' has 'tweaked' its mortality rate from 20% to 90%. She also further says that it is in the genes of MERS and SARS and that the said person dies within 5 minutes of the exposure to it. In the video further, we also see how the characters find out that it is some well-planned biochemical terrorist attack.

Here's The Video That's Going Viral

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Even if the netizens are mind blown with the episode, the details do not hold any truth. Coronavirus was not predicted to be grappling the world in 2020. The person also does not die in five minutes of the exposure. Even though a substantial amount of deaths have been registered across the globe, the patients are also getting cured with proper treatment and health safety measures. Hence, the 'coronavirus details' shown in the video should not be taken for what it is for it is a pure work of fiction.