Fact Check: Is COVID-19 a 'Scapegoat Virus' to Distract Everyone From Asteroid Crash Causing a Doomsday? Know Truth Behind This Conspiracy Theory

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The fear and panic around Coronavirus have gripped the world. And along with the news updates regarding this deadly flu, there are a lot of conspiracy theories that are being shared online. From predictions about the flu to the creation of a bioweapon, COVID-19 has been given multiple angles by conspiracy theorists. Now, a Facebook post mentions that COVID-19 is a scapegoat virus created to distract people from an approaching doomsday because of an asteroid collision. The idea is to let people stay indoors so they can spend their last few days in the company of their families. This is a false claim and COVID-19 is definitely not a creation made to distract from doomsday. Did Dean Koontz's 'The Eyes of Darkness' and Sylvia Browne's 'End of Days' Predict The COVID-19 Outbreak? What's The Truth About This Pandemic? Know All About Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories.

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At the start of March, there were reports about Asteroid 1998 OR2, which is half the size of Mt Everest, is coming towards the Earth. But NASA gave a clarification that it would pass within 3,908,791 miles of Earth and that there is no need to worry. Now reports of the asteroid have been twisted to spin a conspiracy theory around COVID-19. A Facebook post by retired CIA agent Scott W mentions that the United Nations and top world leaders had a meeting to develop an "exist strategy" in light of an apocalypse that would follow in months. The virus will force a quarantine situation to ensure "home time to be spent with family, while minimizing the overall panic, anarchy, and premature mass casualties that would otherwise take over with public knowledge / foresight of the apocalypse."

Hoax buster site Snopes has addressed this specific theory with detailed points on how the world is dealing with the crisis of Coronavirus. Every country is dealing with this crisis differently. And not everyone at the moment is living with family. There are travel restrictions in many places, which in fact, restricts people to return to their families back home. As social distancing has been encouraged, even close family members are not able to meet.

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Snopes has also questioned the alleged claim with the doctors and people of essential services who are still at work, are away from their families. Scientists studying the COVID-19 have repeatedly mentioned that the virus has not been created in a laboratory. The virus seems to have originated in bats. It comes from naturally occurring coronaviruses and jumped from animals to humans.

All the claims made in this theory are baseless with no proofs to it. COVID-19 is definitely not a lab-created scapegoat virus. And no, there is no asteroid approaching the planet for a doomsday. So we urge our readers, to not believe in such conspiracy theories and claims which are more likely made to create fear among people.