Fact check: Have Chinese soldiers crossed into India’s side of the LAC

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, June 03: The government has said that there has been a misrepresentation of facts in what Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh had said on the Indo-China standoff.

A message on Twitter says, " Defence Minister Rajnath Singh publicly admits that the Chinese soldiers have crossed into India's side of the LAC in large numbers. India has taken necessary steps (didn't say what). Solutions being found through mil (military) and diploids (diplomatic) talks, senior officers could meet on June 5."

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The government has clarified that this is a misrepresentation of what the Defence Minister said. The minister was referring to the different perceptions of the LAC and presence of Chinese troops is being misrepresented as if the Chinese troops have entered the Indian side of the Line of Action Control.

Meanwhile all eyes would be on the crucial meeting of the Lieutenant Generals of India and China. The meeting will be held on June 6 and both sides would hope to end the deadlock, which is now over a month old. It may be recalled that Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh had admitted to a very large presence of Chinese troops in the high-altitude region.

The meeting comes after several rounds of talks between Brigadiers, Colonels and Major Generals failed. On Tuesday, a meeting of the Major Generals was held, but the same remained inconclusive.

Sources tell OneIndia that on June 6, Lt. General Harinder Singh will hold a meeting in a bid to end the stalemate. The source said that this meeting is being held even as back-channel talks continue.

India maintains aggressive posturing against China's moves at LAC

India has maintained that it would not suspend its ongoing projects to build roads and bridges in the border areas.

India further has said that it will not enter any bilateral agreements that might infringe upon its sovereign right to build such infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control. India is also organising special trains to move 12,000 construction workers from Jharkhand to areas closer to the disputed boundary with China. The Ministry of Defence is working with the Ministry of Home Affairs and also the Ministry of Railways to move construction workers from Jharkhand to areas closer to the Indo-China border.

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