Fact Check: Bizarre-Looking Bird Caught Climbing Over Church in Italy? Know Truth About Fake Viral Video

Team Latestly

Amidst scare of the rapid spread of Coronavirus in Italy, video of a bizarre bird creature has been shared on Twitter. A very weird bird-like creature with wings that looks like a gargoyle was captured climbing atop a church in Italy. The video is being shared on Twitter and Facebook widely and people are wondering how the world is seeing so many bizarre things at the same time. But before it freaks you out, let us tell you, it is a fake doctored video. The creature does not exist but has been created with special effects. Similar to the video of a dragon-like creature that was seen disappearing into the skies of China, this is also a clip made with special effects. A lot of fake videos are being circulated in time of this crisis on social media and this is one of them.

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A 45-second clip is being shared on social media which shows a bizarre looking climbing atop the Catedral de Granada. Some people have even shared the video with a claim that it is "an attack on Christianity." On Twitter people are calling it a weird bird. But it is not a real video. The video is originally from June 2019 and was uploaded on YouTube by JJPD Productions. The makers of this channel specialise in making videos which feature bizarre-looking creature or give paranormal special effects. Fact Check: Did Italian Doctor Couple Die After Treating Coronavirus Patients? Know Truth Behind Viral Photo Showing Them Share a Last Kiss.

Check Some Tweets Online:

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Watch The Original Video Here:

If you check other videos on their channel, you will see they have multiple such videos that feature bizarre-looking creatures. The channel is created by two brothers from Nicaragua. Their channel description itself reads they specialise in making videos with special effects, videos of paranormal encounters and horror tales. So it is a completely doctored video and no real gargoyle is climbing over an Italian church.