Facing Protests, Madurai Collector Withdraws Aadhaar Diktat on Jallikattu

The bull taming sport is scheduled to take place in three places from 14 Jan to 16 January 2018.

Chennai: In an unusual move, the the Madurai district administration on Thursday made Aadhaar registration mandatory for Jallikattu participants. But, soon thereafter, facing protests, the administration decided to withdraw the earlier order. In the process, it did generate a lot of heat and dust.

The bull taming sport is scheduled to take place in three places from 14 Jan to 16 January 2018.

Over 3000 bulls and 1000 bull tamers will participate in the Jallikattu event that will be conducted in Madurai district. While preparations are underway for the traditional event, the local people were shocked by the 'mandatory Aadhaar' announcement by the district administration.

People questioned the need of Aadhaar registration for participating in Jallikattu event. They said there was no need of Aadhaar registration during the previous year. Sources from the Madurai district administration said as scores of people registered for the Jallikattu event they could not accommodate all participants and hence made Aadhaar registration mandatory.

By evening, Collector of Madurai district recalled the announcement. The Collector said Aadhaar registration is not mandatory for people who want to participate in Jallikattu event .

Last year, there were massive protests forcing the Tamil Nadu government to pass an ordinance on Jallikattu. This time, the Animal welfare board of India urged the state government to comply with the new rules and regulations while conducting Jallikattu. The board also added that its aim is not to hurt cultural sentiments but to prevent cruelty to animals.

This year, a group of people wanted to conduct Jallikattu League in Chennai, but that hit a roadblock as the state government did not give an approval. Sources in the government said the venue chosen by the organisers did not comply with the SC guidelines on Jallikattu and also did not like the concept of ranking bulls and players.