Facebook testing new label to identify common things between you and random people

If the scary data collection was not enough, Facebook is now testing a new label called 'things in common', which, as the name suggests, will show you what you share with random people on the social platform. The label will show up in some comments on a public conversation. This is how it will work. For instance, you are commenting on a celebrity's public post and there are comments from people who are not in your friend list. You will see a label that says, "You both went to same school", or that you are both from same place. The label will also show if you are part of the same Facebook group, or if you work for the same company. The information will be shown for those who are not your Facebook friends. The feature is one of Facebook's latest efforts at connecting people on its platform and initiating conversations by finding things in common. It is currently a limited small-scale test in the US and it is unclear if it will become a full-fledged feature in the coming days.