Facebook Will Pay Users in India to Track Their Mobile Apps Usage

Facebook’s had plenty of data leaks in the past year or so but now the social networking giant is finding new ways to get hold of users’ data — in a more transparent manner. To do this, it’s coming out with a new app called Study, announced on Tuesday this week.

This platform will be available in countries like the US and India for now but Facebook claims that instead of people signing up for the program, select users will be invited to be part of it.

Facebook claims to have learnt from its previous mistakes, and promises to offer transparency, compensate all participants, and keep people’s information safe and secure. Want to know more about about how Study works? Here’s what Facebook has to say on that.

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Facebook will basically run ads on user’s feed, and those who’re willing to be part of the program can click the ad to enroll. If found eligible, users will be able to download the Study app from Google Play Store.

The program requires the users to be 18 years old or more, and they will be able to opt out at any time. 

Facebook mentions that the app listing visible to be the user, will allow them to understand the format of the program, how their data will be used and what information will be collected.

This data collected will not be used to target the user with ads, the social networking giant has categorically stated in this post.

Having said that, we still don’t know how Facebook plans to paying the users signing up for the program.

What Facebook Will Collect From Users

  • Apps installed on their phone

  • Amount of time spent using apps by the user

  • User’s country, device and network type

Once again, Facebook clarifies that Study from Facebook will not collect user’s email ID, passwords, their photos, video or even messages. Keeping in mind the amount of access the app will take, Study from Facebook will be only available on Android, with no timeframe of when it would come on Apple devices.

Can Users Trust Facebook With Their Data?

Looking at the fine print, it’s clear that Study from Facebook has been designed to keep users and their data secured. Market research is the main ambit around which this program is getting the push but similar research activities didn’t turn out be beneficial for the users.

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Also, by targeting Android (and Apple users aside), Facebook is clearly taking no chances this time around, especially when iOS privacy guidelines are stricter than what Google caters to.

Facebook is banking on a notion that people in countries like India wouldn’t mind giving up their data for freebies, discounts or any kind of remuneration, and Study from Facebook seems to be tapping into that potential.

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