What do you do when Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp go down? You make jokes on Twitter

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UPDATE: After 10 long hours of outage, Instagram is now back up and running!

In what seems to be the longest ever outage for Facebook and its services, for close to 10 hours now (and counting), Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook.com, and even Oculus servers seem to be down for many users globally. Reportedly, affected users are facing issues sending messages on Messenger, many have complained about being unable to post to the feed on all Facebook products, and accessing other features on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Users have said that they are also unable to login to apps like Tinder and Spotify via Facebook.

Instagram, Facebook and Oculus have acknowledged the issue and seem to be working on a fix "ASAP".

So what do we do while we wait for the fix to be out? We take to Twitter to complain and crack jokes about it!

The issue seems to be more prominent in Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Brazil, and a few more regions. In India particularly, according to Down Detector, only some users in Mumbai, Jaipur, Bengaluru and Delhi seem to be affected by the outage. Let us know in the comments below if you have been affected by the outage as well, and what you did to deal with it.

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