Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Gets Staff to 'Blow-Dry' His Armpit, Claims New Book


A recent book on Facebook CEO has revealed a certain unusual habit about Mark Zuckerberg, which has gone up to create a lot of social media buzz now.

“Facebook: the Inside Story,” by Wired’s Steven Levy claimed that Zuckerberg is apparently obsessed with his public appearance hence, he has an assigned staff to 'blow dry his armpit' before he appears on the public platform.

According to a book review done by Bloomberg, the context to support this reference dates back to an event from 2010, when Zuckerberg had evidently sweated 'under pressure' during an on-stage interview with tech journalist Kara Swisher.

The book further goes on to claim, "A communications exec is shown blow-drying the CEO's armpits before speaking appearances to eliminate anxiety sweat," as per the review.

The author even writes that Zuckerberg reportedly appears to be "consumed by his public image" and that's when he decided to call his staff to blow-dry his armpits.

Taking note of the matter, Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois told Business Insider that she doubts whether this stands to be true. If also so, it would have been at the communication team's request. "Surely anyone who has ever worn a grey t-shirt can relate," she added.

However, Bloomberg's review garnered a lot of social media buzz, after one of its reporters Sarah Frier, took to Twitter to share an excerpt from the book.