Facebook's rocket icon meaning: New emoji may upset many users

Raymond Ronamai
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It appears like Facebook is trying really hard to give its users a better experience by introducing new features through new upgrades but the latest change could cause a stir. The popular social media platform has introduced a rocket icon for its app, which may not go down too well with its users.

A new rocket icon or emoji has been pushed out to some Facebook users both on iOS and Android, and it appears on the menu bar. Many may not know what it means but it is nothing but a second news feed that provides you news items that you may find interesting.

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When you tap the rocket icon, it takes you to a news feed that has content chosen by Facebook. The company has described the feature as a "complementary feed of popular articles, videos and photos, customised for each person based on content that might be interesting to them." Interestingly, it ignores your browsing habit and provides content you haven't followed.

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Facebook may be trying to give its users something different and a window to explore new things through its rocket icon but it can be contradictory too as the users may not find the content provided by the company interesting.

The report came a few days after the social media rolled out "Snapchat-Stories-like" feature called Facebook stories on its mobile app, enabling the users to share photos and videos more easily. The update has been rolled out to iOS and Android, bringing features like an in-app camera, Facebook stories and Direct.

Facebook had introduced Stories to Instagram in August last year, catching several eyes because of its similarity with the Snapchat feature.

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