F1 news 2017: Lewis Hamilton could quit Mercedes if this happens

Ashim Sunam
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Lewis Hamilton did not get off to a great start last season, which ultimately led him to finish second in the driver's title as his teammate Nico Rosberg won his maiden title. However, the German driver decided to call it quits a few days after his victory, baffling experts. With no Rosberg, Hamilton is Mercedes' key driver, and former champion Damon Hill has warned the team to treat him well, if not, the UK driver might quit Mercedes.

Hamilton compares his new car to a boat

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Valtteri Bottas, who replaced Rosberg, is their other driver and he also needs to pay that respect and develop a good relationship with Hamilton. One has to note, Hamilton and Rosberg did not enjoy a good relationship last season. Bottas, in his maiden season with Hamilton, will not want to involve in any off-field tussle as well.

If one followed the 2016 Formula One season closely, Hamilton did not mind showing his frustration after his mechanical failures led to losing some crucial points. The three-time world champion was unhappy with Mercedes when they decided to swap his and Rosberg's mechanics before the start of 2016 season.

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Hill has warned Mercedes about the need to treat the UK driver with care if they are to keep Hamilton, who could be in demand if other teams realise that he is not happy with his current team.

"Lewis is an emotional beast and there might be a situation where he just goes: 'I've had enough and I don't want to do it'. That's true for every driver but some don't have the luxury he has, as he might be in demand somewhere else," The Guardian quoted Hill as saying.

"He is in a strong position. Mercedes have to recognise they either want Lewis Hamilton, the asset that he is to them and allowing him the space to do his work, or they don't. If it's not going well for Lewis, then he does have a tendency to make his feelings known," he added.

Hamilton will also try to get along with his team in all departments and his eyes will be on yet another Formula One title. The UK driver has won the F1 title three times, and will look to add another one in his trophy cabinet.

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