“F**k Off to India”: Woman Hurls Racist Abuses on Ireland Train

The Irish Rail condemned the racist incident, and the police are currently probing the matter.

Indians are at the receiving end of racist abuses abroad, as Africans are in India.

Recently, a video posted by Twitter user TheBexWay showed a woman traveling on a train from Limerick Colbert station to Limerick Junction racially abusing an India over a bag on the seat.

She is heard hurling abuses at a fellow passenger and saying:

F**k off back to India. Don’t give me your guff, you f**king cheeky p***k.Respect my f**king country and get your bag off the seat. Come on Ireland. Come on the Republic. Let the Indians in and take our seats...Did you pay for that seat, did you? No you didn’t pay for two. No you didn’t.“Speaking f***ing English when you’re in f***ing Ireland.

She also abused others who stood up against her racist taunts.

Mirror quoted a spokesperson for the rail company as saying:

This was a shocking and disgraceful incident. Any type of abuse is intolerable, but especially discriminatory abuse.

The Irish police are currently conducting an investigation on the matter.