Eyeing 2019 polls, BJP chief Amit Shah to start 95-day all-India tour with Jammu and Kashmir visit

The purpose of Shah's tour, which starts with his visit to J-K on Saturday, is to strategise on ways to help the BJP win 2019 Lok Sabha election.

BJP chief Amit Shah will kick-start his 95-day all-India tour with a visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday.

The purpose of the tour is to strategise on ways to help the BJP win 2019 Lok Sabha election, particularly finding the right formula to capture seats that the party lost in 2014.

Shah's visit to J-K has sparked off speculation that it has been so timed in the wake of the prevailing unrest in the Kashmir Valley.




  1. Sources in the BJP have strongly denied that Amit Shah's visit to the state has anything to do with the situation in Kashmir.
  2. They added that Shah's visit to Jammu and Kashmir was pre-planned, one which he was undertaking to oversee the expansion of the party.
  3. BJP sources say that Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed such clashes and unrest even in the past, adding that it is a legal-political issue. They were, however, hopeful that the situation would soon return to normalcy.
  4. During his visit to Jammu and Kashmir, Amit Shah is expected to meet eminent personalities and intellectuals from the state.
  5. His visit to J-K comes 2 days after he returned from West Bengal. In his 95-day all-India tour, he is also likely to visit Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Lakshadweep and poll-bound Gujarat.
  6. The states that Shah will be visiting have been graded into A, B and C categories, in accordance with their electoral importance. He will accordingly spend three, two or one day there respectively.
  7. Throwing light on the outfit's future course of action, party sources said that 19 departments had been made to make the party functional from the district to the national level.
  8. "We are eyeing the 120 seats we lost in 2014 and working on ways to win them", a source said.
  9. Depending on the need to consolidate the BJP's position in a particular state, the party has appointed "vistaraks" who will visit their regions of choice for 6 months, one month and 15 days as may be required.
  10. BJP sources are of the view that with this kind of push at the grassroots, the party will be able to generate in cadres the momentum to work out a winning formula.


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