Extraordinary wedding, bride and groom exchange onion garlands

Akriti Dixit

Varanasi, Dec 14: As the onion price is sky-high in India. It has reached nearly 120 to 200 rupees per kg in many states. Amid this, a good onion treat was given by a couple in Varanasi on their wedding day.

As every Hindu wedding norms, the couple exchanged garlands but instead of flowers, the garlands were fashioned out of onions and garlic. To mark a statement against the skyrocketing prices of onions.

The most fascinating part of the event was that the guests at the wedding also gifted onions to the couple.

Samajwadi Party leader Kamal Patel said to media that the Prices of onions are rising high since last month, hence, people have started considering onion as precious as gold.

Cong MLAs in HP Assembly wear onion garlands to protest price hike

Regarding this the wedding, Patel added, that the bride and groom used the garland of onions and garlic as the prices of onion which have risen to Rs 120 per kg.

Though the minister's statement sounds humorous, the prices of onions are really making people cry. The price of onions continues to surge in markets of Varanasi and other parts of India.

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