Express daily briefing: Nearly 300 from Valley detained in UP jails; Govt clears mega solar project in Leh and Kargil; and more

Top news on Thursday morning.

Nearly 300 from Valley detained in UP jails: Separate barracks, families wait

Of the 285 people who were arrested from the Valley and detained in Uttar Pradesh, 85 are lodged in Agra’s Central Jail. According to jail officials, most of the prisoners are aged between 18 and 45 and include politicians, students, businessmen, among others. They are lodged in barracks that are separate from other sections and a common demand from them is English newspapers. Amil Bhatnagar reports.

Site decided, Govt clears mega solar project in Leh and Kargil

The decks have been cleared for a Rs 50,000 crore grid-connected solar photo-voltaic project across Leh and Kargil districts the single biggest investment proposal in the region since Ladakh was designated as a Union Territory. A tender will be issued for selection of the project developer, who will be responsible for setting up the solar PV project.

Motor Vehicles Act: These are the states that have slashed fines

Uttarakhand became the second state after Gujarat to announce a cut in penalties for traffic violations under the new Motor Vehicles Act. Few states have adopted the Act in its entirety, while several states have put it on hold. We take a look at how the amended Act is being implemented across the country.

Editorial: Nitish vs who

The poster wars in Bihar are an early intimation of the 2020 assembly polls, and larger political trends. It is also true that in a state where parties are weakly institutionalised, politics has long been dominated by personalities anyway. Yet, the promotion of Modi, Nitish and Tejashwi by their respective parties in Bihar today is significant.

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu: The boy at the dike

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu s goalkeeping against Qatar kept India afloat against the Asian champions in the World Cup qualifier, leading the team to a goalless draw. Qatar had a go from all angles. But the 27-year-old custodian had them all covered.

What Rajya Sabha MPs earned from directorships, professions

A report has analysed the pecuniary interests declared by 213 sitting members of Rajya Sabha. MPs are to make declarations under five heads remunerative directorship; regular remunerative activity; shareholding of a controlling nature; paid consultancy; and professional engagement. A majority, 124 MPs (58%), declared NA or nil for all interests.

EU s new digital czar: Most powerful regulator of big tech on the planet’

Margrethe Vestager Tuesday was given a second term as the European Union s competition commissioner, a job that, during her first term, made her go after the world s biggest tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. US President Donald Trump has said she is perhaps worse than any person (he s) ever met.

And finally…

The UK government announced a new two-year post-study work visa for the 2020-21 intake of students to universities. A long-standing demand from Indian students, the visa will offer opportunities to work or look for work after graduating. After the two years, they can switch onto the skilled work visa if the job meets the skill requirement of the route.