Exploding Whale Story of 1970s in UK Narrated to Highlight Importance of Expert Advice and Staying at Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Nithya Nair
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Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, the local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England has shared the story of exploding whale from the 1970s to explain why it is important to follow abide by experts advice during coronavirus outbreak. Through a series of tweets, they have urged people to follow the instructions by authorities and help everybody in the process. The incident happened in November 1970, when officials in Oregon, USA decided to blow up a rotting whale carcass that washed on the beach in Florence, Oregon. But things did not turn up as expected and resulted in a bigger problem. Bored During Coronavirus Lockdown? Mumbai Police Shares What They Would’ve Done Had They Gotten a Chance to Stay at Home, Watch Video.

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While they had three options, they chose to blow it up with dynamite hoping that seagulls will eat the small chunks. But the engineer in charge of the explosion used quite a lot of dynamite going against the advice of a person who knew about explosives. He used more dynamite than what was required which resulted in "massive chunks of blubber flying through the chilly air" that "rained down around the terrified onlookers". They immediately realised it was a bad idea, but the damage was already caused.

Check Out The Tweet Below:

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Doncaster Council tweets saying, "The overwhelming smell sent people running for their homes as rotting whale plopped down around them. The situation was dangerous - a car was even crushed by a huge lump of blubber a quarter of a mile away." But the initial problem remained intact. The council further tweeted writing, "To cap everything off, the main bit of the whale stayed exactly where it had been. The problem hadn’t gone away, only now there were thousands of bits of problem spread for miles around." Connecting it to the current scenario, they write, "Why do we bring this up? Well, this story can teach us 3 things about #coronavirus."

3 Instructions Doncaster Council Wants us to Remember:

The Second One:

And The Third:

Video of Exploding of Whale Carcass in Oregon:

The tweets were quick to go viral on social media platforms and garnered praises of netizens. The City of Florence, Oregon Municipal Government also retweeted the story saying, "We can all learn from the past." The story used to explain the importance of abiding the rules of authorities has impressed netizens. The city by the council has been receiving thousands of likes and is being retweeted widely. We hope everyone unites in the fight against coronavirus at stay at their homes thus thwart the spread of the deadly disease.