Explained: Why Rishabh Pant’s ‘stumping’ of Liton Das was called NOT OUT!

Explained: Why Rishabh Pant’s ‘stumping’ of Liton Das was called NOT OUT! Rishabh Pant made a silly stumping error in India's second T20I match against Bangladesh at Saurashtra Cricket Association, Stadium on Thursday.

When Yuzvendra Chahal was bowling the sixth over of the first innings, and in his third delivery, Liton Das stepped out to slog the bowler but was beaten by the leg-breaker and was stumped behind by Pant.

Das had started walking back to the pavilion, but on-field umpire asked him to stay just to check where the ball was collected by the wicket-keeper.

It was an easy chance for India to have their first wicket of the day, but replays signalled that Pant collected the ball right in front of the stumps in the excitement and got the bails off.

The rules say the ball can be collected in front of the stumps only when the batsman makes the contact with the ball, unless when no contact is made by the batsman, the ball has to be collected behind the stumps.

Chahal and Rohit Sharma were completely amused with Pant's keenness for the stumping as both the Bangladesh openers looked settled and were smashing the ball around the boundary ropes scoring 41 in the first five overs.

Later, Das smashed Chahal for two back to back boundaries after he survived the stumping and Bangladesh ended their powerplay without losing any wicket putting 54 runs on the board.