Explained: What is the new illegal parking rule in Mumbai? How much is the fine?

The rule has been introduced as most people tend to park their vehicles on roads rather than using the available parking lots. (Express Photo by Arul Horizon/Representational)

What is the new parking rule in Mumbai?

Taking note of illegal parking in no-parking zones, obstruction to emergency vehicles like fire brigade and ambulances and causing traffic jams, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has introduced a new parking rule in Mumbai. Under this, vehicles found parked in the ‘No-parking Zones’ will attract a penalty ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 15000.

In the first phase of implementation, the civic body has identified 23 public parking lots across the city. Any vehicles found parked within 500 meters of public parking lots (PPL) will be slapped with a fine. The rule has been introduced as most people tend to park their vehicles on roads rather than using the available parking lots. The vehicle will also be towed away. A late charge will also be levied if the vehicle owner does not come to pay the penalty.

Why is the new rule required?

Parking woes in Mumbai are several. According to the RTO figures, there are over 30 lakh vehicles in the city. Due to lack of space, most of the people park their vehicles along footpaths and roadside causing huge obstruction to pedestrians and other motorists. However, there are some locations where BMC has Public Parking Lots but they are not used either due to lack of awareness or people want to save time and money by illegally parking on roadside rather than going to PPLs.

How is the new parking rule being implemented?

The BMC has instructed all its local wards to appoint private agencies to implement the new parking rule. These agencies must have retired defence servicemen. The civic body will use the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMC) Act’s Section 314 and 381 that deals with encroachment and nuisance for action against the violators.

Earlier, only Mumbai Police had the power to act on illegal parking.

On the first day of the implementation of the rule, the BMC has imposed fine up to Rs 1.80 lakh on 56 vehicles parked in No Parking area. Data also shows that over 200 vehicles were parked at six Public Parking Lots (PPL) on Sunday, registering an increase in the number.

How much fine can be imposed?

While two-wheelers will be penalised up to Rs 5,000, heavy vehicles will attract fines up to Rs 15,000. The fine also includes towing charges of vehicles. The four-wheelers (cars) will be fined Rs 10,000 (inclusive of towing charges).

The fine can go up to a maximum of Rs 23,250 in case of heavy vehicles. Also, in case the owner does not pay the fine or comes back to take the vehicle within 30 days, then it will be auctioned.