Expectations vs Reality! Oxford University Student’s Viral Tweet Reveals the Less-Than Glamorous Life at University (View Viral Pics)

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Before joining university, almost all of us, happily note down the essential pointers that we promise ourselves to follow. Among all, is the list that will contain cute décor items or at least how to keep the university room clean, every day. But it nearly seems possible, when reality hits you! Much of what happened to a first-year student of Oxford University whose expectations list and the truth will hit you hard. Her current disgusting way of living seems like an everyday story of college-goers. The viral pics reveal the less-than-glamorous life at university; we cannot deny. Packing Hacks for Clothes: US Student Fits 50 Garments and 9 Shoes in a Small Bag, Leaves Twitterati Mighty Impressed. 

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Taking to Twitter, user @floralpackage, shared a handwritten note, where she mentioned her to-do list and things needed to décor her university room. It happened before she joined the university. The neat list contained, “cute cushions,” “pen holder” and many more other items. And the next picture reveals the current reality. With clothes scattered on the floor, unattended cups and glasses on the bedside table and a laptop, placed upside down, university life could not get any better.

Here's the Viral Tweet

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Twitterati is Taken Aback!

In Case, You Didn't Spot That!

Here's What She Has to Say:


For students who had led a life in a hostel would surely relate to these pictures shared on Twitter. We often tend to neatly jot down points, hoping to follow, once we baby steps towards an independent life. And reality has disappointed many, considering we have never raised the way, and definitely not untidy. In the midst of all that, we grow up.