Exit poll 2017: BJP expected to sweep Uttar Pradesh, win in Goa, Uttarakhand; Congress to bag Punjab, Manipur uncertain

S V Krishnamachari
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The exit polls broadly indicate a BJP win in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, and Uttarakhand. The Congress is likely to bag Punjab, though one of the polls says AAP could win. Manipur is also uncertain.

The biggest and the boldest prediction for Uttar Pradesh has come from India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll. It gives 251-279 seats to the BJP and places SP-Congress at 88-112 seats.

Uttar Pradesh: BJP is predicted to win 190-210 seats, while the Samajwadi Party-Congress is likely to bag 110-130 seats. The BSP could finish with 57-74, in the 403-member Assembly, according to the Times Now-VMR Exit Poll. 

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Another exit poll, by NewsX-MRC, predicts the BJP to win 185 seats with the Samajwadi Party-Congress finishing second at 120 and the BSP at 90 seats. India TV- C-Voter gives the BJP 155-167 seats.

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ABP-Lokniti gives 164-176 seats to the BJP and 156-169 to the Samajwadi Party-Congress.

The poll of polls gives the BJP 179 seats, SP-Congress 136 and the BSP 77 seats.

In Punjab, the Congress is expected to stage a comeback after 10 years, with the India Today-Axis Exit Poll predicting 62-71 seats for the party, while the AAP is expected to finish second with 42-51 seats. The ruling Akali Dal-BJP coalition is projected to be routed, with just 4-7 seats.

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However, India TV-C-Voter says AAP will form government in Punjab with 59-67 seats while the Congress could finish second with 41-49 seats. Punjab has 117 seats and the half-way mark is 59.

The NewsX-MRC exit poll gives the Congress and the AAP 55 seats each, while the Akali Dal-BJP combine is expected to finish with seven seats.

Uttarakhand is likely to go to the BJP, with the party predicted to win 53 seats, followed by the ruling Congress with a poor 15, according to the NEWS24 and Chanakya Exit Poll. 

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The India Today-Axis Exit Poll gives BJP 46-53 seats and 12-21 to the Congress in the Himalayan state.

The NewsX-MRC predicts 38 seats for the BJP and 30 for the Congress in the 70-member Uttarakhand Asembly.

Goa is likely to be bagged by the BJP, but for one exit poll. The NewsX-MRC exit poll gives the party 15 seats while the Congress is expected to get 10 seats. The India TV-C Voter gives BJP 15-21 seats and 12-18 to the Congress. The Goa assembly has 40 seats.

Manipur is likely to see saffron wave, with the BJP projected to win 25-31 seats, unseating the Congress, according to the India TV C-Voter exit poll. On the other hand, the India Today-Axis Poll gives the Congress 30-36 seats, and the BJP 18-22 seats. The state assembly has 60 seats.

After a marathon polling exercise that last over two months, its time for results. Which party will win in Uttar Pradesh? Who will bag Punjab? Will the BJP retain power in the coastal state of Goa? These and many questions will get some answers, albeit in the form of pointers when agencies release their exit poll surveys anytime now.

Uttar Pradesh saw a pitched battle between the BJP and the Samajwadi Party-Congress coalition, while in Punjab, it was a three-cornered contests between the AAP, Congress and the Akali Dal-BJP coalition.

Goa was a straight contest between the Congress and the incumbent BJP while in Uttarakhand, the BJP and Congress were locked in a straight battle.

The impact of the elections will be felt not just in the respective states but also at the Centre.

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