How Exercise Improves Mental Health ?

Many of us are familiar with so many physical advantages of managing weight, lowering blood pressure and decreased risks of diabetes. From easing depression and anxiety to keeping the mind sharp, exercise has a lot of mental health benefits.

It's time to tie your shoe lace and go to the gym or to just take a short jog, in this video of Now You Know, we will tell you how exercise can improve your mental health.

Depression and anxiety relief

Exercise is known as a mood booster that decreases both depression and anxiety symptoms. Physical activity generates an endorphin level also known as 'Feel Good' which induces feelings of happiness and euphoria. Only mild exercise can boost depression and anxiety throughout the week, even the physicians prescribe to try an exercise before any medication.

Sleep easier

Exercise will help in sleeping if you have trouble having it. Physical exercise raises the body temperature, which can have a calming effect on the mind. Training also helps to regulate the cycle of circadian activity, the integrated alarm clock for humans that govern us when we are tired and alert.

Recovery of brain

Exercise grows brain capacity in a variety of ways, from building intelligence to improving memory. Mice and human experiments show that aerobic exercise produces new brain cells and enhances overall brain function. The hippocampus, which is responsible region of the brain for memory and learning, often avoids cognitive problems and memory loss. Studies also indicate that physical exercise enhances mental and creativity levels. So, next time when you get a creative block, Go out for a quick jog.

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