Executive officer is trying to loot fixed deposits of Kanaka Durga temple, says JSP leader Potina Venkata Mahesh

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Jana Sena Party (JSP) spokesperson and leader Potina Venkata Mahesh (Photo/ANI)
Jana Sena Party (JSP) spokesperson and leader Potina Venkata Mahesh (Photo/ANI)

Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Nov 4 (ANI): Jana Sena Party (JSP) spokesperson and leader Potina Venkata Mahesh on Wednesday accused Sri Kanaka Durga Temple executive officer (EO) Suresh Babu of corruption and said that Babu is trying to loot Rs 35 crore worth of fixed deposits of the temple.

"The audit officials of endowments department have shown Rs 49 crore net profit after all exemptions, for the temple during FY 2019-20. However, EO Suresh Babu is showing the fixed deposits of Rs 35 crore also as income and has increased the total net income to Rs 85 crore," said Potina Venkata Mahesh.

The JSP spokesperson said that Suresh Babu wants to withdraw the amount from bank with the help of Endowments Minister.

"He wants to withdraw the amount from the bank and Endowments Minister Velampalli Srinivas is also co-operating with him. For the same, the temple has paid Rs 7.5 crores extra money as tax to the Endowments Department for the year 2019-20," he said.

Venkata Mahesh asked Chief Minister to intervene in the matter and safeguard fixed deposits which are meant for the development of temple.

"The incident of missing of three silver lions from temple took place 50 days ago, yet the police could not even complete primary investigation which is hurting the sentiments of the locals. The police should speed up their investigation and reveal the main accused in the case," he said.

Mahesh said, "Generally Rs 10 to 12 crores would be paid every year on the engineering department for various works but this year Rs 10 to 12 crores are being paid for construction and tenders are called for Rs 20 crores for various developmental activities. This will lead to chaos even for basic maintenance of the temple, so that even salaries cannot be paid."

He levelled allegation that despite the income drastically decreased and cash reserves being almost extinct, yet Rs 7 crore are allocated for granite 'Gopuram'. Similarly Rs 7 crores tenders are called for construction of Prasadam kitchen, Rs 3 crore tender for electrical substation; another Rs 3 crores tender for other works.

"EO Suresh Babu and temple trust board should answer from where this much money would be saved. Jagan has announced two weeks ago that Rs 70 crores will be allotted for development works at the temple, but no order has been issued till date in this regard," he added.

The JSP leader has further said that the government should answer why the same security contract is being restored. (ANI)