Shalabh Kumar For Trump’s Travel Ban, But Says Pak Deserves Chance

Shalabh Kumar is a Chicago-based Indian American businessman. But his identity changed after he emerged as the biggest individual donor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

While speaking exclusively with The Quint on a range of current issues, Shalabh Kumar drew parallels between Trump and Modi. Kumar has been lobbying for Modi since 2013. He also hinted that he’s in the race for the US ambassador to India.

He assured “talented” Indians that the US would welcome them. Defending Trump’s latest travel ban, Shalabh Kumar went soft on Pakistan. Here are the 5 major points from the interview:

1. “Philosophies of Modi and Trump are very very close”

2. Kansas incident was overblown

3. Ambassador Shalabh Kumar?

4. “Number of H1 visas to double”

5. “Travel ban is justified, but Pakistan deserves a chance”