Exclusive: Kansas Shooting Was ‘Overblown’, Says Trump’s Adviser

“[The Kansas incident] was overblown,” says US President Donald Trump’s adviser, Shalabh Kumar.

An engineer from Hyderabad, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, was shot dead at a bar in Kansas last month. While the shooting shook the Indian-American community, it took President Trump a while to recognise it as a racial killing and to condemn the attack.

Speaking exclusively to The Quint, Kumar said that there are many racially motivated killings in the US – including in Chicago and in Milwaukee, where several Sikhs were killed in a temple shooting.

He implied that these instances of violence against immigrants – including against Indians – cannot be deemed a direct fallout of Trump’s rhetoric against migrants.

Kumar is a Chicago based Indian-American businessman. But his identity changed after he emerged as the biggest individual donor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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