An Exclusive Interview With Jenny Vaz, Highly-Rated Leadership Coach

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Jenny Vaz (@JEn Vaz) is an executive leadership coach who empowers aspiring leaders to overcome their inner critic and eliminate self-doubt to embrace their leadership powers fully. She has more than ten years of experience helping career professionals to make strategic career changes and, in the past three years, shifted her commitment to helping them to realize their goals of being thought leaders and change-makers (whom she refers to as Badass Leaders) in their industries and in that thread, give them the resources to raise leaders with them.

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The team sat down for a coffee chat with her and asked the top three challenges that aspiring leaders encounter today.

“As you wait for recognition, you are waiting for approval”

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Jenny said, “Most of us have put our goals on hold because we are waiting for approval or recognition from others to realize our leadership potential. Successful leaders gave themselves permission first - many of which included learning from the best, trying, failing, succeeding, self-discovery & growth - the process of making things happen. Total Badass!

Similar to how Olympic athletes perform. They don’t start by first winning a medal and then deciding to train to deserve one. Instead, they show up, train, eat well, and take care of their mind, body & spirit on the road to victory. They adopt the mindset of a winning medalist. By doing so, they have permitted themselves to be one.

If we wait for the world to recognize or approve of us, we will never get to fully realize what we are truly capable of. Our dreams and goals will continue to be on hold. Acquire the mindset of a Badass Leader and implement it. That’s how you give yourself approval.”

“Daily 1% Better turns into 365% in a year”

“I’ve done the research on Badass Leaders. When asked what helped them get to that podium finish - the amazing results that they have in their business - ninety percent started with 1% better. It was a slow and painful process at the beginning but yet simple to implement. Most of us have this belief that we need to be at 100% when we start. But, unfortunately, some days your best is 1%,” said Jenny.

“Seek Evidence for Success & Growth”

“Almost everyone has a voice in their head, the inner critic, that makes them doubt or second-guess themselves. Focusing your energy on fighting, resisting, or running away from that voice is a fruitless mission. Tell it ‘Watch Me!’, take action and gather all your evidence for success & growth. That’s how badass leaders do it.”

Quote from a client, R. Nair (Singapore):

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